What is Feng Shui

Classic Feng Shui is an Art that analyzes and improves your private or business life. It's an old
complex Chinese science that has developed “back thousands of years “of observation.

You can say that it is like acupuncture for the room, except that instead of needles, furniture
and its alignment are used to achieve positive effects, which improve your
emotional and physical well-being.

It enhances people into their right balance and shows how the Earth influences and
affects us all in many different ways.

Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist!

About Me

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by interior design and the effect of energy transfer that I have faced in each home.

Moving several times to different countries within the past 20 years, let me experience that not every home is and feels suitable for one self. Despite my constant trial to harmonies and refurbish our family home, I was not able to get rid of the awkward feeling I encountered within my own four walls. This discomfort has lead me to long hours of research and the discovery of Feng Shui.

When I learned about Feng Shui and received my first consultation, I started to understand why I facing challenges living in our home. This triggered a heavy desire to know more about this old Chinese science and inspired me to start the journey as a Feng Shui consultant.

I am a certified Feng Shui Consultant, apprenticed by Grandmaster Petra Coll Exposito of the Institute of Excellence Berlin (Germany), who was a student of Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai. 


My specializations are: Form School, Compass School, Xuan Kong Fei Xing, Ba Zhai Method and the San He Method.

Feng Shui Institute of Excellence

Did you know, that a room / apartment / villa influences a person and has its own vibrancy.

My Service

I analyze and optimize according to the five Elements also known as the Five Transformations of Energy, they are the building blocks of everything in the Universe.

My Goal is to create a balanced environment for you and your family in your living premises. Including:

  • House entrance

  • Children Bedroom (incl. furniture positioning)

  • Bedroom

  • Living / Diningroom 

  • Kitchen

  • Office

  • Maidsroom

  • I can help as well with the placement of the pool/ fountain/ pond.

Feng Shui is not only about choosing colors or Interior Design, Exact measuring, analyzing and readdressing energy channels instead it has the power to change your life and business to the better. A proper and professional realignment of energies sometimes takes hours and days in complex cases.


Feng Shui can be very helpful when moving new premises.If you intend to move houses/apartment get the Feng Shui checked before you decide on a property.  I can assist you in: 

  • Property search

  • Building planning

  • Old building renovation/remodeling


Having Sleep Problems?

Let me find your individual sleeping direction for you or your family.

I remember very well when my son used to sleep more in our Bedroom than in his own Bed, believe me that was really frustrating at times.


I am sure almost every Mother can relate with it. I was wondering what was causing it?


In the end, changing the position of his bed brought the nightmare to an end. Of course there might be other aspects as well, what should be kept in mind, but I can help you with that too!


Consulting Process

Second Step

For your detailed Feng Shui analysis

I will require the following information from you:


  • Floorplan of your house/apartment

  • Birthdays of all your family members/flat mates

  • Year of construction of you apartment/house

First Step

During our first call, we will discuss
your Feng Shui requirements and needs.

Once I collect all your details, you will receive from me an initital individual and customized offer.

The on site appointment will be scheduled at your preferred location.

Third Step

During our onsite meeting I will observe the exterior (traffic, access, surrounding buildings, landscaping, water etc..) and then address to your interior rooms.

Final measurements with geographical Feng Shui compass will provide me insides about your energy field.

After completion of my Feng Shui
calculations you will be presented with your final personalized Feng Shui execution plan and guidebook.

*All Feng Shui consultations can be hold in English or German


Fountains and Pools, introduce the powerful energy of WATER, a Symbol of wealth and prosperty.

You can put it inside or outside, but it should be carefully placed to provide the most nourishing energy and prevent imbalance or conflict.

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